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Samar Be ready for an impressive surfing trip in the rugged coastlines of these islands and experience their great unsurfed waves on earth. …

Eastern Samar Surf info

Samar surf season:

1. AMIHAN (NE WIND) Rainy Season  November to April

This season is usually onshore on most exposed spots like outer reef or surf spot that are facing to the East. But it is offshore in some areas like inside bays which are mainly beach break and some reef breaks. Most days are wind swell making this season more consistent.

2.  HABAGAT (SW MONSOON) Summer Season May to October

This is the Typhoon season in the Philippines. Winds are usually offshore, and summer here in Samar Island. Waves are inconsistent this time of year, but when swell arrives, the condition is perfect; glassy, sunny days. Most of the waves are typhoon generated, can reach up to 12 feet. Outer reefs or islands is the place to be during this season.


Surf spots during amihan:

1.  PAROLA  Left hallow reef break breaking besides a cliff into a cliff into a big bay. Good for Advance/Expert surfers.

2.  BATO  Beach break offers many peaks, usually right handers. This spot is where the Samar locals crowd level: 10-15 surfers on a 1km. beach

3. BOULEVARD  Beach break/rivermouth. Good to surf early in the morning or late in the evening as the wind slows down. Fast right hand rivermouth with tube section. This is the nearest surfs-spot in town.

4.  Fish Port  Left hander rivermouth reeling for 200 meters, peebles/sand bottom. Works on a big swells or strong NE wind.

5.  PURO  Left hander reefbreak, hallow drop with tube section. Works on high tide, when its lowtide good to explore around the island.

6.  ANAHAW  Left hander reefbreak accessible only by boat.

7.¬† BONG’s pt.¬† A¬† Frame reefbreak, breaking besides the island.

Surfing spot during habagat (SW WIND)

1.  ABCD  Left and right reef break, breaking towards the channel in the middle of the bay.

Making this spot suitable for all level of surfers.

Left hander is good on a NE swell, Right hander is perfect on a East or Southeast swell.

2.  TALISAY  Left hander, breaking from deep to shallow reef making this spot very hallow. Can hold up to 12 feet for advance to expert surfers only.

3.  BRIDGE  You can check this spot from the bridge before paddling out. Right hander reef break on a shallow reef. Works during low tide.

4.  SHITTY Beach  Left hallow river mouth, sand bottom, reeling for 150 meters.

5.  STICHES  Island, right hander reef break, drop tube and a rip able to the shoulder. Good in high or low tide.

6.¬† MAMENG’s¬† Right hander reef break up to 150 meters long. Smoot drop, tube in the inside, long bowl. Good for all levels of surfer.


1.¬† Mt.Apoy¬† Climbing / Trekking¬† (3days / 2 √ā¬† nights)

Highest peak in Eastern Samar , situated West of Borongan, 2 hrs. boatride along the scenic suribao river. Home to big trees like mangkono, red lawa-an, and other hardwoods. Also good for bird watching.

2.  PangiFalls River Trek/Climbing (Overnight)

A 40 meter high water fall, 3 hrs. trek from brgy. Sn Gabriel just west of Borongan. Camp site at the top of the falls.

3.  SohotanCave  (1 Day)

40 minutes drive west of Borongan, this cave has a underground river, with many chambers.

4. Wall Climbing/Bouldering  Some selected areas around Eastern Samar

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